Uluslararası Katılımlı
7. Jeokimya Sempozyumu
7th Geochemistry Symposium
with International Participation
16-18 Mayıs/May 2016 Side/ANTALYA

Geochemistry Symposiums,

In 2004, Turkish earth scientists interested in geochemistry, mineral deposits, mineralogy and petrography branches organized the 1st National Geochemistry Symposium. Except for Prof. Yılmaz SAVAŞÇIN and Prof. Selçuk TOKEL, doyens of Geochemistry in Turkey, as well as Prof. Şeref GÜÇER and Prof. Kadir SARIİZ, who made a great effort in the organization, no one believed that this first spark would be a fireball in the following years. Such that the symposium series hosted by the TÜBİTAK BUTAL Bursa Facilities in 2004, 2006 and 2008, by the Elazığ University in 2010, by the Pamukkale University in 2012 and lately by the Mersin University in 2014 was witnessed a sharp increase in participation at every turn. Raising the bar by 2012, the Geochemistry Symposium was started to be organized with an International Participation. Geochemists who get together for every even-numbered calendar year will be hosted in 2016 by the Ankara University. This time, the target will be raised more so that a permanent web site will be established for the symposium and even an electronic Geochemistry Journal (in Turkish) will be published. As is seen, the spark will turn a torch to be carried by the young geochemists in the following years.

Very truly yours,

Organizing Committee